Komaza Queens

Komaza Queens is a program dedicated to service girls between the  ages 10-16. 


  • We connect professional mentors to support and  encourage our queens
  • Komaza wants to promote internships and  entrepreneurship    

Promote Academic Excellence

  • Advanced STEM programs
  • Intensive writing programs
  • Business/ entrepreneurship 
  • Tutoring and tutoring referral services

Intesive Workshops

  • True love waits (abstinence)
  •  Etiquette and Hygiene
  •  Career Vision board
  •  Self Esteem
  •  Cyber bullying  
  •  Suicide prevention 

Family Support

In order for our future to be better , we must be better.  We partner with other programs and professionals that specialize in family therapy and support. Please check our facebook page to stay updated for family workshops.